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About Corporate Matching
Double or triple your donation!  Many businesses offer a matching gift program as a part of their employee benefits package. These programs allow you to take advantage of your organization's philanthropy for the benefit of the Cougar Education Fund (CEF). Your employer may match your CEF donations provided it is processed within the specified time period. Through corporate matching, parents have the opportunity to raise thousands of dollars for Country Club Elementary each year. If you have not applied for corporate matching, please do so now to support Country Club Elementary.
Eligible Amounts
Your entire contribution to the CEF is eligible for matching (your annual contribution PLUS science, classroom, emergency and technology donations). Most companies match dollar for dollar.  This means if you contributed $495 to CEF, your company will also contribute $495 to CEF.  Note: PTA payments do not apply for corporate matching.  Many companies also contribute through payroll deductions and matching volunteer hours. Speak with HR to find out how your company can support your child’s school.
Steps for Corporate Matching
Make a donation to the Cougar Education Fund at registration or any time during the school year. Complete the online forms for your respective company and submit them to HR or online verification.  We do the rest!  We will verify the donation and submit the completed forms to your respective company.  Thank you to all our parents for your ongoing support of the Cougar Education Fund.  Because of you, we are able to continue to provide the best opportunities for our Country Club Elementary students!


Organization Name: Cougar Education Fund
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Address: 7534 Blue Fox Way San Ramon, CA 94583
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