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The Wacky Wednesday Snack Bar offers a variety of snacks and drinks for students, families, and staff. Starting Wednesday September 6, 2023 we are open every week from 12:50-1:05pm (early dismissal). We are located in the breezeway, to the left of the main office.  Snack bar will not be open on Minimum Day Bell Schedules: 10/4/2023, 3/20/2024, and 6/5/2024 (last day of school).

Snacks may only be purchased with a WACKY WEDNESDAY PUNCH CARD. Each punch card is $20 (10 snacks at $2 each). When they use up all 10 punches, return the Future Fund store to purchase a new one. CASH is not accepted at the snack bar. ORDER YOUR PUNCH CARD HERE:

OPTIONAL: You may also purchase a customized lanyard for $5, which includes a card holder so your student can keep track of their card. Treat punch cards as you would treat CASH - lost/destroyed cards cannot be replaced.

Punch card purchases will be processed on Monday evenings.... delivered to teachers' mailboxes on Tuesdays.... and passed out to students on Tues afternoon/Wed AM in time for snack bar.  If you place an order on Tuesday or Wednesday, please expect your punch card to be delivered the following week. Apologies, 1-day or same-day turn-around time cannot be accommodated.

All snack bar proceeds go directly to the Cougar Education Fund.