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Clubs at the Club

Clubs at the Club

SRVUSD is pleased to provide many options for Country Club Elementary School’s students to participate in various clubs and activities during the school day. Many of these voluntary extracurricular activities take place during lunch to be accessible for all students, allowing more kids to participate. SRVUSD tries to provide a variety of options to ensure that all students have the conditions to be successful and to be a part of safe and welcoming environments within their school communities. We look forward to providing additional school-day activity options as we grow our programming, and we will be in touch with details when we have new offerings.
Student participation in any club or activity is always voluntary. It is understood that if you do not submit an opt-out form, that permission has been granted for your student to participate in any and all in-school clubs and activities that they choose to join. See more information below on the opt-out form.
Elementary School Activities and Clubs During the School Day
This school year, Country Club Elementary School is currently offering the following activities and/or clubs starting on October 12th:
  • Library time (1st-5th) - Read a book, play games, puzzles, or drawing!
  • Game Club (1st-5th) - Play board games with friends.
  • Prism Club (4th-5th) - For members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Garden Club (1st-5th) - Learn about gardening through innovative and fun ways.
  • Lego club (1st-5th) - We need donations of Lego for this club to happen! Please drop off Lego donations in the office.
Please review our communications/newsletters for all details about the school clubs and activities we offer. New activities or clubs may be offered during the school year. Continue to read our school newsletters and check our school website to learn more about them. If you need more details about any of our in-school club and activity options, please reach out.
Students are encouraged to participate in any activities or clubs of their choice, however, if you DO NOT want your child to participate in one or more clubs or activities, please complete this opt-out form (click here) no later than Oct. 4th. If you have multiple students in our school, please submit one form per child.

Again, if you would like more information about our club and activity options, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly at


Cougar Ed Fund: Breakfast Book Club ** Grade 1-5 only **


Run Club

PTA ** Grades 1-5 only**


** Grades 4-5 only **